Services provided such as : -

• Industrial Supplies: ICT Machines and Used Machines
• Single Side PCB, Double Side PCB
• Multi-layer PCB and Prototype PCB
• Pneumatic Component
• Hydraulic Component
• Industrial Automation Component
• System & Project Consultation
• Automotive SV & Testing Equipment

Material Available :
Aluminum 6061, 7075
Assab Steel
Bakelite, Linen, Bakelite
Brass, Bronze and Copper
Garolite G10, FR 4
Stainless Steel
Teflon, Nylon, Delyn …etc

Q.A. Checking Instrument :
a) .001 Dial Indicators with stand
b) Micrometer (1” x 2”)
c) Tungsten Carbide Block Gauges
d) Surface Plate
e) Hardness Tester
f) Profile Projector
Manufacturing Facilities:
a. 12 units of Grinding Machine
b. 8 units of Milling Machine
c. 5 units of Wire Cut Machine
d. 2 units of Super Drill Machine
e. 5 units of Turning Machine
f. 3 units of CNC Milling Machine
g. 2 units of CNC Turning Machine
h. 1 unit of Auto Lathe Turning Machine
i. 4 units of EDM Machine


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